Andreas Lauber

Andreas Lauber
Andreas Lauber



It is clear after just one listen that Andreas Lauber has gone back to his roots
with Stammheim/Aufschwung Ost. With his powerful, high-energy DJ sets
Andreas manages to produce a feeling of ecstasy in the dancers each and
every time. He knows how to ignite fireworks on thedance floors!


His dynamic Dj sets,are characterized by his excellent mixing and track selection.
In 2009 he founded the successful label "Bass Nation Rec". His productions
are cutting edge and eclectic, going wherever his mood dictates but always
remaining catchy and memorable. Since he is more experienced as a DJ on
the Progressive Floors, his genre-spanning releasesare all the more exciting!

Through the success of his remixes and releases on U.S. and UK labels he
stands out as a top producer in NRW ( Germany ). His team spirit and interest
in it, from speaking to pass on to encourage young DJs and producers and
help them with advice and support, made him 2011 with the makers of the
label "Ruhrstadt Records" together. Tuned to the same wavelength ...


Andreas styles

House, Hardhouse,Techno, Hardtrax