I'm a DJ from Leiden (now located in Amsterdam). I started out playing danceable new wave, ska, Nnw romantics as well as dancedubs, disco, funk and spacetracks in "de Klikspaan" a small discotheque in Leiden. With a few friends we founded an illegal radio station called "B-Alert". For this purpose, I chose the nickname "Kosmo". For all who know Kosmo as the leader of a group of aliens from the "Jam On Revenge" (album by Newcleus), gimme a high five!!!!!
The infamous "B-Alert" had a hitlist that was known as the most unreliable list of the region. We were not interested in sales numbers but in the quality of the music and songs produced. Following the music lines which resulted in house music, i picked up the "official" house sound in 1987.
In 1990 we founded "Dance FM" another illegal radio station playing a wide range of dance music during week ends. DJ's were: DJ Marque, Dennis, Kosmo & special guest DJ Per!
Released two trax with MKM (2)
Stopped playing in 1994, but still spinning the wheels at old school house and acid parties in Leiden and Amsterdam.

Kosmo's style

Oldschool House, Funky melodies.