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Robin Hirte was born on the 11th October 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany, as a son of an opera singer, into a very musical family. His brother is a very successfull guitar player, his sister is a vocal teacher.

When Robin was 11 years old, he went to the disco of the youth club of his home town Vaihingen and when he heard the music, saw the dancefloor and the lights, he knew: THAT'S MY THING !




Since that day he was a continuous guest at the youth club disco and three month later he was a member of their "disco group" and was every sixed week the DJ. At that time, his extraordinary music feeling were to be recognized. Robin was know as DJ “PATER ROB” on loads of events in the area of his hometown Vaihingen.

With 15, Robin won a DJ-Contest from the dance scool Hague in Stuttgart and played every Saturday night as their resident DJ.

With 16 he helped out another DJ, who was ill and played at the legendary ROXY in Stuttgart for one evening, (at that time they played every Thursday New Wave)

The Main DJ of the ROXY heard him that night and said: Do you want to present every Saturday at the Roxy? (At that time ROXY was the most announced club in Stuttgart. Were he played mixed music, from Soul, Black, New Wave, Oldies, Neue Deutsche Welle...)

From this day on, Robin played every weekend in all the big clubs in Stuttgart like OZ, BOA, Perkins Park, Musicland, Nachtwerk.

In 1993 - it was the Summer of Trance - he found his Love for Techno and in the following years he had Residencies and Bookings in the biggest Clubs in Town: Skylab, Zenit, OZ, TOY, Ohm, Paris Club, Stomp, Nexus 6, Störung...

He played at Love Parade Berlin, Street Parade Zürich, Nature One and Day ‘N’Night Festivals and many more exclusive international dates in Mexico, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland and many more.

In 1998 he began to work in the studio and had 4 vinyl-releases, but these were made with other producers in their studios -

Robin took his time and began to learn to produce his own style.

After a 2 year break he came back in 2007 - no longer with turntables - just the notebook and his controller, that brings a revolutionary sound on the dance floors.

In 2009 he founded his own digital label “Das Ohr Digital” where he not only releases his own productions, also productions and remixes from his international contacts.

In 2011 he founded his next label “Truth Tracks” with releases from international artists like Angy Kore, Norbert Davenport & MGJ, Elbodrop, DJ Rush and with his own productions Truth Tracks is professionally promoted and is supported, played and charted from Acts like Umek, D-Nox, Len Faki, The Advent, Tom Hades, Ken Ishi, Tomy Declerque, Paco Osuna, Funkagenda and many more.

In 2012 Truth Tracks goes Vinyl

In 2013 Robin Hirte became official Artist of Allen&Heath and played also at DJ&Producer-Meeting in Westfahlenhalle Dortmund.

Robin Hirte is also a Teacher in Ableton Live Workshops around Germany

Robins styles

Techno, progressive, forward, but every time with a soul in it, Minimal for the good feeling moments, Tribal Grooves and Techno Classics (he plays them since 15 years) for some he made his own remixes, just to play them in his sets !