SdRm. Real name (Luis Miguel)

He began his career in the world of night in 1987 in one of his hometown afters (Lido-1987) where soon became aware of the sounds of bands like Kraftwerk, SA42, Front 242 and many other groups and bands Industrial proliferating sound in the decade of the eighties.


Soon he would be called to conduct the sessions of another illustrious club of the city (Tunels -1990). Where he made sessions and up to ten hours, covering a lot of soundscapes ranging from the sound Manchester, through the sounds of New Age, but always with a great passion for all synthetic sounds that began to emerge strongly at the beginning of the decade of the nineties.

Again, good work pays off. In 1992, he was called to take charge of meetings of one of the great clubs of the city (Ozone -1992) A club with a capacity for two thousand people, which unleashes a new range of styles. But there is certainly a year that marks his love for electronic music: 1996.



That year, during the boiling of electronic music, takes contact with the owners of the Spanish franchise (Mad House Records - Germany). And the first festival that summer comes. (Energy Music Positive- 1996) Where shares the bill with artists com Toni Rios - Crazy Erg - Cristian Varela - Jesus Del Campo - Qmen - Lian May - The Frogmen - Sabu - Tony Zoo and many others ... That same year continuing her sessions in Ozone.


Begins a two-month residency with Cristian Varela. By which also pass, Dj's as Hyginus (The Real - Oviedo) Javi Union (The Industrial Copera - Granada) Stoned Baby (Rexxistance Records - Madrid) Jesus Del Campo (Oxide - Vigo) among others. After seven wonderful years in Ozone decides it's time to make a change, in 1999 he moved from his beloved land (Galicia) in northwestern Spain to the south, specifically Badajoz.



Where he is resident in the summer sessions at the club (The Park). Already in 2000 and back in sú city is called to occupy club nights (Movement -2000). That same year, his former bosses convince him to return. But this time, to conduct meetings elder brother of the group. The club (Wave). After three fantastic years in that club and almost twenty years working in the world of night, decides to take a break and so begins a period of calm and reflection but without abandoning never your great passion.


Electronic music and more specifically its variant (Techno) Great colecionista music, boasts a large collection of vinyls of the most important labels of the electronic scene since the decade of 80 until today. Adding digital recordings, sú collection exceeds 20,000 references. Currently, collaborates with monthly sessions (Rind Radio - Paris - France) also to made sets for (Art Style Techno - Hungary) (Cuebase - Germany) (Seance Radio - United Kingdom)

SdRm´s style

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Techno - Deep - Electronica