About Global Technology Underground

GTU Radio is a non commercial Underground Radio Station with an official Licence.


We play all kind of electronic music and our idea is to give all artists on this planet a platform for sharing music.


We have a concept of shows presented by very inspired hosts guiding you through the most beautiful and surprising music for 3 to 6 hours.
During the shows you'll hear the finest electronic music made by known or unknown artists and the hosts will talk you all the way through these shows. All show are moderated and live.
On this website you'll find more information about our shows check our other pages!
GTU Radio is looking for new music and artists.
Do you have a good idea for a show brought and hosted by yourself? please contact GTU on Facebook Radio

Do you wanna play a set in our shows? we can make it possible! get in contact with one of the hosts.


If you wanna hear our Shows, then use the links here below:

Sundaylicious Radio Show:

Global Technology:



Global Xpirience: