About Global Technology Underground

GTU Radio is a non commercial Underground Radio Station with an official Licence.


We play all kind of electronic music and our idea is to give all artists on this planet a platform for sharing music.


We have a concept of shows presented by very inspired hosts guiding you through the most beautiful and surprising music for 3 to 6 hours.
During the shows you'll hear the finest electronic music made by known or unknown artists and the hosts will talk you all the way through these shows. All show are moderated and live.
On this website you'll find more information about our shows check our other pages!
GTU Radio is looking for new music and artists.
Do you have a good idea for a show brought and hosted by yourself? please contact GTU on Facebook Radio

Do you wanna play a set in our shows? we can make it possible! get in contact with one of the hosts.


GTU Radio streams 24/7 !!!!!
We play the 24/7-Stream when no shows are on. It's a huge amount of music that keeps on growing, every show is recorded and added to the 24/7-Stream.


 24/7 good music on GTU-Radio 


All about..____GTU Radio____


It's time consuming and inspiring searching new artists for in the shows, searching hosts for shows, create events and flyers, inviting people and talk with them.


What is so special about GTU?
Well at first share the feeling for good music all over the world by the internet and together create GTU Radio.


What makes GTU different then other radio stations and podcast?
It is not necessary to sit at home and keep good mixes only for you, or your friends, you can share your music with us. In groups you'll often see a comment like: “like my set!!” Next you'll notice hardly anyone leaving a comment. So that's not effective. If you really want people to listen to your music, then talk with us, we make it happen.


We don't get money for this GTU Radio is non commercial, money is not our goal. This feeling that we get from providing a music sharing platform for people all around the whole world is so powerful and special, you would only understand if you knew this feeling. We've had alot of good and positive feedback and this gives us the energy and strength to go forward and do more!

GTU Radio is not like a podcastradio and no offence, but we moderate our shows. Most podcast radio shows are not moderated and also in low quality. We stream in good quality. We support known and unknown artists. Our passion and love is bringing good music to our listeners and we see they love that too. We are only able to do this with all the lovely people who are there for us the whole time and our sponsor of course.


Talking is the key and sharing music is the power that brings people together on GTU.
This makes GTU Radio special!!


And here are our links:
Our webpage: http://gturadio.net/
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gturadio
Our Chatpage: https://www.facebook.com/groups/256790647837348/
Invite your friends and let them know what GTU Radio is!

Thank you listeners, creators, hosts, and sponsor for all...
GTU Team