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Alex Strangius
Alex Strangius


Alex Strangius has been addicted to synthesis and electronic sounds since the early 70’s, when he first heard 'Snowflakes are Dancing' recorded by Isao Tomita when he was seven years of age. Growing up as teenager during the early 80’s, he connected with the electronic experimental sounds of the New Romantic music scene and loved the early Human League and Ultravox productions, as they encapsulated a musicality (be it experimental) that he found both intriguing and cinematic.

Later on he was introduced to the music of Killing Joke and found the darker side of his musical taste, along with other electronic music such as Fad Gadget, Cabaret Voltaire, Meat Beat Manifesto and Acid House. They all played a part in his musical journey, together with his passion for cinematic music, especially early classical pieces created with the Moog.

Alex Strangius actually started experimenting and writing electronic music in 1984 in his late teens, after wisely spending some birthday money on a second hand SH-101. He found himself wanting to re-create the sound of the Moog and experiment more, so he saved hard and built up more kit with loads of guitar pedals, rack mounted effects and compressors. He recorded with these till the late 90's, but sadly lost most of his early recordings and some of his equipment.

In the late 80’s, Alex connected with the free spirit of outdoor raves, but the real influence came in 1989 when he spent some time in the USA and experienced Acid House bouncing back from the UK and hearing productions by UK artists Baby Ford, S’Express and The Shaman. He was also listening to the sounds of Phuture, Adonis and the label DJ International.

So from this point, Alex soon realised how global the Acid sound was becoming and this greatly influenced his decision to start making this style of music. In the 90s, he was also inspired by the sounds of Detroit Techno and Chicago House, together with the British Acid and early Acid Techno. And in the early 90's, he went to a club in Leeds and heard the Liberator DJ's playing Acid Techno and for him this was a great ‘calling’.

In the late '90's Alex worked for some time with a PA rig and learned a lot about both sound and music production from a sound engineer friend. This gave him more things to consider and pushed him forward in his music writing. At this point he switched to using computers and bought a laptop so he could emulate synths and play live.

Finally, playing live for the first time in 2008, at a local open mic music event, gave him the confidence to really get stuck in to making dance music. The other acts were mostly rock musicians, so Alex Strangius’ electronic acid set was a bit of a surprise for some, but he managed to get people dancing and received an encore.

And if this isn’t enough, Alex had a real passion for making visuals and spent hours learning to combine both sound and visuals together. For him it seemed a great way to be able to convey emotions and communicate and had a vision of performing providing an entire media experience, using computer generated art and integrating this with his music.

So for Alex, all the journey and hard work has been well worth the effort. Over the last few years he found somewhere where he could bring all his skills into play and became a member of the ‘I Love Acid’ crew. After being a regular raver at the ‘I Love Acid’ nights at Ginglik in West London – run by Placid Paul and Joshua Doherty - Alex started getting involved and helping out with sound engineering and visuals, creating live VJ sets on the night. But it was a while until Alex played his first major live set at ‘I Love Acid’ and on his first performance played to nearly 300 people. Since those early days, he has played regularly at ‘I Love Acid’ alongside the likes of Mark Archer, Posthuman, Agt Rave Cru and Placid and is still committed to this legendary project.

Alex Strangius mainly produces dance oriented Acid tracks. However he now experimenting with the new-wave Electro-Acid sounds, ambient tracks and cinematic soundscapes fused with the 303.

He has also recently started DJing for radio with a guest slot on Kenny Mulligan/Acid Army’s ‘Elemental Show’ and on his own radio show ‘Acid Shenanigans’ on Pure Radio, Holland.

So, there you have it, Alex Strangius, is a multi-talented guy – a one off, playing Live Acid/Techno/Electro sets, VJ-ing, creating his own visuals, and is the main PA Sound Engineer for ‘I Love Acid’. Does this man have time for sleep? There’s no stopping him!

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