Glenn Aston

Glenn Aston
Glenn Aston

Based in the West Midlands,U.k Glenn is well known for playing oldskool (rave/house)

from 1986-1993.Glenn's a resident dj for the u.k's first all night legal dance event Raindance(now 18 years old) in London which he is very proud of, You can also catch him spinning at The Custard Factory,The Q club and at superclub Air and the HMV Institute in Birmingham.


But Glenn's roots started way back as early 80's with tracks 'Tour de France,Full force,The message,white line's and Step off’.

In 1983 electronic legends kraftwerk entered the u.k charts with a track 'Tour de France’. Glenn Recalls this on a local radio station, this was the track that was the birth of electronic music for me with catchy synth and amazing strings section. It wasn’t until 1985 Glenn started experimenting with electro music. But due to being still at secondary school Glenn couldn’t afford 2x1200's and a mixer...


Glenn recalls remembering seeing many times a technics 1200 deck in a local electrical store window and thinking 'if i only had the money'... Glenn was surrounded by music from a very early age,his Dad was a big music fan and also had a small vinyl collection which he was very proud of,this was a big influence on him,my dad was a massive fan of Glenn Miller (hence my name) he used to listen to other big bands from the 1940's to Frank Sinatra, Nat king Cole to Mario Lanza.

i was also surrounded by my older sister musical taste of led zepplin,Queen Abba,Bay city rollers and Motorhead and not forgetting disco scene was big then so with tracks by 'earth, wind and fire would of been normal around the late 70's early 80's in our home.


Later on Glenn started listening to many of the early electro albums also watching films like:Beat street,Breakdance 1 & 2,(Breakin 1,2),Style Warz and wildstyle.

Before Glenn got into djing he was involved in the graffiti scene (1985-1990).

Glenn was a founder member of 'The Rogue Troopers' which hailed from his hometown of Walsall which also was home to Goldie (tat) and Desire(uba).


Rgt/Rt was founded with Chu/Tuma in 1988 also in that year Glenn and Chu Help to promote 'Crucial Creator's' which was an exhibition and live art at Walsall's art gallery.

Also in 1988 Glenn met a guy Jem Atkin's who was a very talented scratch dj,Glenn was amazed by the skills this guy had.Glenn spoke to Jem and told him he always wanted to be involved with djing/music from the early 80's.He showed Glenn the ropes and gave Glenn alot of support over the next year.Glenn left the graffiti scene back in 1990 when he was working on legal work with artists:Goldie,Desire,Tuma,Size and Zukie just to name a few to purse his love of music.


Glenn was also one of the first dj's to play for Birmingham promoter Flashback in


Glenn also had a weekly oldskool show onthe legendary Kool fm for around 3 years,then later

on he also hosted the show on for another 12 months back in 2003.

Glenn Aston's Style

Oldschool Rave and House