Global Technology

The first Technology Show was created by Mart Moon in 2012 and called Techno Insite Radio Show.
In this time Mart Moon found Nemo and ask if he play in this show.
This runs so good that they decided to repeat it. The Technology Show was born.

It was the first regularly Show on Pure Radio. After a couple shows later,
Mart Moon give Nemo the full responsibility for the show and he was now the hoster.

Technology Show has the focus on, different Global Techno sound.
The Show brings popular and unknown artist  together to play with DJ Nemo in the Show.
After almost 50 Show's we have a long list of international artists that played in Tecnnology Show.

Now created DJ Nemo together with XPIRI the new radiostation GTU-Radio, and give the Technology Show a new place to carry on.

More Artists, more Techno, more Global, more Happiness, more Passion and more Love.


The 50 Technology  anniversary is the official start from Global Technology Underground. After this Technology runs all two weeks at the weekend.


for more information contact DJ Nemo