Israel Toledo

Israel Toledo

Israel Toledo is the brain behind Assassin Soldier Recordings, he runs the label and he´s one of the most Mexican exported Techno DJs and Producers.


Nowadays he is producing many releases and remixes for many Top labels all around the planet, and playing around Europe in well known Festivals & Clubs: Tresor, M-Bia, Club R-19 in Berlin, Tor 3 in Düsseldorf, BKI and Edelfettwerk in Hamburg, Doorn Roosje in Nijmegen, Specka Club in Madrid, Spain, Korsakoff in Amsterdam, Quest4Techno Festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Giano Valley Festival in Salerno, Italy, Decadance and Rumba Club in Belgium and other countries such Austria, U.S.A and Venezuela.

His Label Assassin Soldier Recordings became the first Mexican Techno label pressing vinyl & really well accepted for Dj´s, Producers & the crowd.

Israel Toledo 's Style