It is over 20 years ago, that Nemo got his first techno record. Since 1991 he mix electronic music. He never stopt with spinning records. Vinyl is his passion ....


In the nineties he play as resident in different clubs in Dortmund. Than it comes a long time that he played only on private party's. but now he come back with new projects.Knipogen


Since 2011 he find the way to make radio show ... first by Pure Radio together with his friend Mart Moon. The Technology Show was created.


 Now he has his own radio station and bring the best artists together from the world 

 in his show "Global Technology"



The mission is:

Share the energy and the passion with the whole world !!!

Music is the key ... and love is the message !!!


He got the name "DJ Nemo" from a novel by Jules Verne. It has nothing to do with the colourfull cartoon fish. I had the name long before he got conceived. My friends thought my music is 20 000 miles below Schlager.



Nemos styles


He play all what he like ... the only what you can say about his style is:

he plays the Nemo style !!!