Oliver aka ruhrkraft is an electronic music producer born in 1981. He grew up in Dortmund which is part of the metropolitan region “ruhrgebiet” in Germany. He first encountered synthesized sounds in 1994 through Maruhsa's "Raveland" LP and has been raving ever since. By stumbling upon radio shows such as Partyservice on 1Live and the Steve Mason Experience on BFBS he found endless possibilities to feed his newly discovered passion for electronic music. His devotion increased further when his raving shoes first hit the floors of clubs like the Warehouse, Fusion, Soundgarden, Cosmic Club, Butan and Tribehouse.


He just liked the rhythmic and impulsive sounds which make you move and smile, surrounded by hundreds of people who all feel the same. In the years that followed, he bounced to the beat of Taucher, Sven Väth, Tomcraft, Pascal FEOS, Westbam, Talla 2XLC, Monica Kruse, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Paul van Dyk and many more. Later he discovered the realms of drum and bass in which he had a tendency to enjoy their more liquid and atmospheric versions. At nearby events like Mayday, Nature One and the Loveparade his musical experience was broadened on an international level. All this led to first attempts behind the decks and the realization that for him mixing the music was not enough. He wanted to create a style of his own compiled out of the sounds he learned to love over the years.


Around his 17th Birthday he had a first go with Propellerhead’s Rebirth followed by Reason, Cubase and Ableton Live. After a few stops and starts he has now been producing continuously for the past 5 years. Due to the fact that he never liked stereotyped thinking, he actually has a hard time putting his style down in writing. Some call it pressure chill, some chill jazz and others say it is simply somewhat 'kraftwerky'.Last year he finished his first few remixes and is now ready to release his first tracks on RoyalBitsDigital.


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Ruhrkraft style


Smooth Techno, Electro & Funkey Beats ...