Someone Else

Someone Else
Someone Else

Thomas Thiel aka "DJ Some1else" was born in 1986 in Augsburg, Germany.

The first time that DJ Some1else heard Techno was in the early 1990's.
His father listening some techno tapes, and bring him to the roots of techno music.And the first connection to Techno was made, he start to follow his dream.

He got into the club scene at the age of 15, heard the different varieties and immediately fell in love with it.
In 2006 he was first put behind the turn tables by his friends to mix for the first time.
After he knew that being a DJ was going to be his new hobby, his passion.
At that time it was mostly a hobby.

In 2014 being pushed by friends and listeners at some of the private parties he played,
Thomas began to take his hobby, his passion to the next level.
DJ Some1else plays a hard propelling sound which is his signature sound.
He also writes and plays normal techno, minimal techno, tech house, and melodic techno.

These styles are not foreign to him and enjoys playing for the crowd.
He is resident DJ on a radio show called Global Xpirience,also enjoy his own podcasts and mixes on soundcloud.
Which shows the passion he has for the music, and the club scene.

Someone ElseĀ“s style


Techno/ --"Feal the beat--Be the Beat"--