Sundaylicious Radio Show

This is the Sundaylicious Radio Show which airs once a month and is hosted by Ruhrkraft. You can expect to hear just the best music for your Sunday evening. The main goal here is to deliver smooth and delicious tunes from different genres.


I don't want to fixate on any particular style, but my sets usually have a deep, Techy and Progressive touch with a little bit of lined in fonkyness here and there. During the show I will get assistance from at least one guest DJ. Now and then I will present own productions in form of one or two single tracks or in form of a mini mix.

Enjoy the feeling of pleasure and happiness which are brought into your mind via the means of music and melody. Just check it out for yourself and you will get into the mood for sure..Knipogen

If you want to be a part of it contact me and let us talk about the opportunities.