DJ/Producent and owner GTU-Radio.

In 1989 XPIRI started listening alot of different Techno radiostations and that was
when she first experienced the uplifting feeling of good Techno music.
She's been to many different parties and festivals in Holland and Belgium,
together with friends she makes Raves at different locations in Holland.

Since 1998 she created her own Sound under the name XPIRI.
XPIRI was very inspired by artists like Underground Resistance, Josh Wink and many more.
She's been owner of GTU-Radio since 2014 and she hosts the Global Xpirience Show two times a month on Friday.

In her Show┬┤s she presents you the best electronic music played by great known and unknown Artists from over the whole world.


XPIRI' S Style


Techno / House/ Acid/ GOA